Tornit is an ancient race of Giant from the myths of the Inuit people of Canada. It is believed that the Tornit were the ancestors of the Inuit.

They were a friendly bunch of Giants sharing the same hunting grounds as the fellow Inuit people in Cumberland Sound. Their great height and lanky arms and legs meant that they were very quick on their feet and could throw javelins very far. However their eyes were very weak compared to to the Inuit. They were extremely strong and like most Giants of folklore would pick up and move great big boulders around. Many of the huge rocks that they moved can be seen today. They were very resilient to the cold for they had no need to cover their houses in snow for insulation.

In winter they wore long deerskin coats that went down to the knees and was trimmed with leather straps. They fed on a diet of deer, seal and walrus. They carried small lamps with them which they used to melt the snow to turn it into drinkable water to quench their first. However they were frequently careless and would forget to hide their lamps when waiting for seals to appear in their fishing holes thus scaring the seals with their candle lights.

When spring came they would steal the boats of the Inuit who used them to go out fishing. The Tornit could have made their own but it was far easier to steal it - the boats were still large enough and the Inuit were too weak to fight back. One day one Tornit came a took a boat of a feisty young man. The thief then went out to sea with it to hunt seals. However to his misfortune he hit an iceberg and got his boat stuck. He could not move and night came; he felt exhausted and fell asleep in the boat. That night the young man came and slit the throat of the Tornit.

This is how the Tornit came to an end. The Inuit and Giants grew angry towards the other and the Inuit began fighting back. The Tornit became fearful that the rest of the Inuit would fight as one unit so they took their belongings and fled.

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