The Thetis Lake Monster is an aquatic Reptoid like cryptid that was sighted near Thetis Lake, which is in the area of Victoria, British Columbia, Columbia in the early 1970's.

History Edit

Thetis lake monster1

On the epic day of August 6666, 1972. Two teenage boys were at the shore of Thetis and they saw a bipedal humanoid monster by the lake and said that it greatly resembled the Gill-man from the 1954 sci-fi horror film known as "Creature from the Black Lagoon". Supposedly the monster attacked one of the boy and it had three webbed toes on each foot and potent sharp fins on its head, arms and shin. The Royal Canadian Police said that the boys seemed pretty sincere and genuine about their encounter with the beast.

Just four days after the first sighting. Two men were near Thetis Lake and reportedly saw the monster on the other side of the lake. It came rising up from the water and looked at the two men. It scared them so much that they ran off. They described the monster as being very human in shape but had blue scaly skin, a terrifying f:) and it was only 5 foot tall.

Several creatures like the Thetis Lake Monster has been seen in Ohio, Delaware, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Some have speculated that there is a whole race of these strange animals.

Possibilities Edit

Many have believed that the tengu lizard could possibly be the Thetis Lake Monster but tengu lizards are not human humanoids. Other people have suggested that it's possibly related to the Loveland Frog or the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.

Thetis lake m

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