The Thing is a giant invertebrate creature said to live in coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea near Anse Chastanet dive resort, Soufrière, St. Lucia. Wormlike. Segmented. Length, 7–15 feet. Diameter, 1.5–2 inches. Color, maroon or copper, with fluorescent, multicolored speckles. Bulbous head, described as walrus-like. Feathered gills. Hundreds of leg-like protuberances or setae along the sides. Behavior is nocturnal. Extremely sensitive to light. Tends to break apart when handled. Eaten by moray eels.

Felix Voirol saw the Thing during a night dive in the summer of 1993. It was as big as a medium-sized moray eel, copper-colored, and segmented. It instantly disappeared into a crevice. Photographs exist of the animal, but they have not been published.


Possible explanations Edit

  • A hoax on the part of the dive resort is unlikely, since it would be difficult to set up and maintain.
  • A giant, segmented, unknown species of polychaete worm, suggested by Michael Allard and Susan Marsden. Rock worms (Family Eunicidae) are omnivorous polychaetes that live in coral reefs. Some species grow to more than 6 feet long.

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