Thai Mammoth
1059099 mammoth300
Cryptid Information
Other Names -
Sightings 1984-2000
Weight/Lenght/Size Unknown
Diet Herbivore
Location Omkoi District
Habitat Forests

Thai Mammoth is a mystery elephant, reported from Northwestern Thailand. It has desribed as elephant with long hair on its back and around the tusks. Thai princess Rangsrinopadorn Yukol took some blurry aerial photographs of a herd of twenty-eight elephants in the Omkoi District of northwestern Thailand during a forestry survey by helicopter in 1984. She characterized the animals as surviving mammoths. An expedition announced by the princess in December 2000 was called off at the request of the Royal Forestry Department, for security reasons.

Possible explanationEdit

  • A normal Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) that retains a large portion of juvenile hair, a condition that sometimes occurs in the northern part of the elephant’s range.

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