Thirty five tons of something big and dead was found on the beach in Tecoluta, Mexico in March, 1969 and whatever it was, it certainly received a great deal of publicity. The strange carcass's serpent-like body was covered with hard jointed armor.

A 10 foot bone tusk--estimated to weigh a ton--protruded from its head. UPIreported that biologists thought that the creature might have been a narwhal - which has a long tusk - but that after seeing the carcass, "they could not match it with any sea creature known to man."

The international press reported that a prehistoric monster of some sort had been beached and the world awaited further word on the carcass.

A seven-man commission of scientists reported on April 20, 1969 that the monster was a rorqual whale, known as the finback whale, however, that particular explanation fell short of explaining the 1 ton horn and body armor. Not only that, the first group of biologists who thoroughly examined it with the idea that it might be a whale concluded that again; it did not match any sea creature known to man.