Sucuriju Gigante
400px-Securiju gigante 1932
Photograph of Sucuriju Gigante.
Cryptid Information
Other Names Giant Sucuri; Giant Boa; Anaconda
Sightings 1929-1977
Weight/Lenght/Size 5 t/40 m
Diet Carnivorous
Location Amazon River, Brazil
Habitat River banks

Sucuri Gigante is an elusive giant snake, a constrictor, claimed to be a sub-species of the common Green Sucuri, or Anaconda (Eunectes murinus), but some scientific speculation has proposed that it could be a descendant of the Gigantophis, a large snake from the Eocene period, (58 million to 34 million years BPE) that could reach 33 feet (10.7 m) in length.

In Brazil, along with several other areas in South America, the common Anaconda is called Sucuri. While no definitive proof exists of Sucuri Gigante, it is speculated to reach lengths of 40 meters, grow to 80 centimeters around, and weigh up to a massive 5 tons. Some tribes from the Amazon speak of Sucuri Gigante as the Anaconda, referring to it as the creator of the Amazon River. It is also referred to as "Mysterious Beast" and "Controller", as it is said to control the areas of the rivers it inhabits.

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