Succubus is a female demon that visits you in while you're asleep. At first, she seems beautiful, in great shape and is nicely promiscuous towards you. However, over time, she becomes more repulsive in her acts. She'll leave your body in a catatonic state, where she has complete control over you. At first, she might have sex with you but in other visits, she might make you engage in repulsive acts. And she starts to become more and more demonic in appearance as well. Such as making you perform cunnilingus on her while she urinates in your mouth. When she's done performing these acts, she might try to suffocate you to death. And the only way she'll leave you in peace is if you bring God/Jesus into your mind and spirit. This seems to be the Succubus' only main weakness that is the power of religion. In many accounts people believe that succubus are just a figure of a man's imagination from the sleep paralysis they can endure, however the people that experience the succubus attacks do believe that they are a real entity. Most of the succubus' victims are usually men that have a lot of pent up sexual frustration or men that indulge in a sexually sinful life.

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