180px-Amazon Striped Tiger by SkyJaguar

Striped Jaguar or Striped Tiger is a mystery feline, reported from rain forests South America (Río Abujao, Ucayali Department; Pozuzo, Huánuco Department;Río Palcazú, Pasco Department, Peru. Also reported in Colombia and Ecuador.). The same size as a jaguar, which grows to about 5 feet long. Tan, with tiger-like stripes. Head slightly narrower than a jaguar’s. Fangs about the same size as a jaguar’s. Sometimes tracks hunters. Peter Hocking acquired a skull of this animal in 1992; a hunter had shot the creature in the Pozuzo region of Peru. It apparently exhibits several features distinguishing it from a jaguar’s skull, but it remains undescribed.

Possible explanationEdit

  • An aberrant Jaguar (Panthera onca), a morph, or a new species.

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