A creature from the lumberjack tales of Wisconsin and Minnesota. This creature lived and preyed in the snow. Its body was pure white which gave it the ability to camouflage in the snow. All that was visible of this creature was its bright pink eyes.

During the year of the Two Winters, when the July temperature dropped to -62°, these pink-eyed, whlte-bodied, savage serpents crossed over from Siberia via Bering Strait. They are bad actors, the venom is deadly, with a speed of action second only to that of the Hood Snake or the Hamadryad.Hibernating in summer but becoming active in Winter, the Snow Snake coils on a low drift where its pure white color makes it wholy invisible to its prey. One strike is sufficient. Mankind is not often bitten as he makes too big a mouthful. But sometimes a Snake will get over-ambitious. When this does happen, tanglefoot oil is the only known remedy.“I Was treed by a Snow Snake” is still a much-used explanation of a late home-coming.