Some of the most intriguing cryptids are those that feature in just a single report and are never heard of again...or are they? On 24 May 1996, a bizarre dog-like beast 4-5 ft in total length, but with a sleek serpentine head, red reptilian eyes, a slender 24-30-in neck, shaggy black fur, long hind limbs, shorter forelimbs, and no tail at all, ran out in front of the car driven by Sheila Charles as she was taking her son Shane to school in Magalia, California. She swerved to avoid hitting the creature, and veered out of control into a canyon. Fortunately, no-one was badly injured, and the mysterious beast's reality was later confirmed by the driver of the car following her, who had also seen it. The only published account of this dual-eyewitness encounter dating from that time period that I have seen appeared in UFO News World Report, 1996. But could there be other sightings of it on record, and does anyone have any thoughts as to what this extraordinary beast may have been? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, I'd love to hear from you, so please post your data here! Incidentally, I am greatly indebted to Australian colleague and FB friend Ian Thomas for reminding me that there is one creature on record that shares a degree of similarity with this extraordinary creature. None other than Glatisant, the snake-headed, hound-baying Questing Beast of Arthurian legend! I’ve looked all over the internet and could only find the story of the California Snake- Headed Dog on one site.  However it does seem to be a legitimate report.  On May 24th, 1996 Sheila Charles was taking her son Shane to school in Magalia, California.  As she drove something ran across the road, Sheila swerved to avoid hitting the animal, lost control of her car, and drove into a canyon. Fortunately, neither Sheila or Shane was seriously hurt.

Sheila, Shane and another man who was driving behind them, all saw the Snake-Headed Dog. It was described as 4 to 5 feet long with red reptile like eyes, a head like a snake, a long thin neck about 24 to 30 inches long and covered with shaggy black fur.  Its hind legs appeared to be considerably longer than the front and it had no tail.  I don’t have any idea what this could have been and there does not appear to be any other sightings of the California Snake-Headed Dog.

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