Alan lee faeries shellycoat

The Shellycoat is essentially Scotland's aquatic bogeyman. He often dwells in rivers, streams and creeks. He gets his odd name from the fact that he wears a suit that's made out of shells. When you hear shells rattling around, it possibly means that the monster is around. The Shellycoat is by no means an evil entity but isn't exactly neutral. It's a trickster with a mean streak sense of humor but never kills or even physically harms anyone. It just feeds on your embarrassment and humility. often fools people into thinking its someone drowning by the water current. When you come near to save it, it'll often come out of its act and laugh and make fun of you at the fact that you were railed in by its antic. Many people have described the Shellycoat as a "hydro-goblin" and it is often seen in the River Hermitage, at Liddesgale. The Shellycoat shares many traits of that of the Brag, Kelpie, and Nix. They're also infamous for being really ugly.

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