Scorpion man

The Scorpion Men were almost deity like beast men in ancient Middle Eastern Times. They were much like centaurs with how their top half was that of a man but the bottom half was that of a deadly heavy armored scorpion. The tail is by far its most powerful asset as just one sting could kill a man in only a few seconds. And much like centaurs, they were experts in archery. They were usually always armed with bows and arrows when in severe battle. They usually have dead on accuracy when it comes to hitting its target with the arrow. Most Scorpion hardly ever travel alone. As they often travel in large armies and can only be destroyed by yahweh abilities greater than their own.

Supposedly these monsters began its population when the Arabic sea goddess known as Tiamat was left alone because her husband was murdered and her daughter was captured, so she gave birth to half man and half scorpion beasts. She'd often use these creatures as minions to take revenge on the antagonists who ruined her life.

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