Sawtooth Dolphin
Photo of creature.
Cryptid Information
Other Names Razorback Dolphin; Holadeira
Sightings 1993-1994
Weight/Lenght/Size Unknown
Diet Unknown
Location Amazon River basin, Brazil
Habitat River

Sawtooth Dolpin, Razorback Dolphin or Holadeira is a mystery freswater cetacean, reported from South America. Large freshwater dolphin resembling the Boto but with a dorsal fin that has notches like a saw. A Sawtooth dolphin was observed and photographed twice in 1993 and 1994 by Jeremy Wade in an unnamed lake in the Amazon basin. Wade also heard rumors of similar Sawtooth dolphins in a nearby lake and river.

Possible explanationEdit

  • A Boto dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) injured by a net or propellor blade, though Wade said the notches appeared precisely spaced.

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