Séhité, Séite or Niankonkla is a small hominid, reported in rain forests from Seguéla to Abidjan, in Côte d’Ivoire. Long, reddish fur. Long, red head-hair. Large head. Said to be “luminous” (brightly colored?). Nocturnal. Upright gait but also climbs trees. Said to have bartered for goods with local tribes until 1935.

A red-furred “pygmy” was seen in the forest near Adiopo-Doumé, Côte d’Ivoire, in January 1947 by an African lab assistant working for zoologist André Ledoux. In the same year, a small, reddish primate was killed by the elephant hunter Dunckel in the forest between Guiglo and Toulépleu.

Possible explanationsEdit

  • An undiscovered population of short-statured forest-forager people related to the Mbenga Pygmies of Gabon and Cameroon.
  • The Western red colobus monkey (Piliocolobus badius) has bright-red to lightorange underparts and a body length of 2 feet (plus a 2 foot 6 inch tail). However, it is primarily arboreal and lacks thumbs, which prevents it from grasping objects.

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