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The Questing Beast, or the Beast Glatisant (Barking Beast), is a monster from Arthurian legend. It is the subject of quests undertaken by famous knights such as King Pellinore,Sir Palamedes, and Sir Percival.

The strange creature has the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion and the feet of a hart. Its name comes from the great noise it emits from its belly, a barking like "thirty couple hounds questing". 'Glatisant' is related to the French word glapissant, 'yelping' or 'barking', especially of small dogs or foxes.

The questing beast is a variant of the mythological medieval view on giraffes, whose species name of Camelopardalis originated from their description of being half camel and half leopard.

Physical descriptionEdit

The Questing Beast is a fairly typical basal draconomorph with a slender body, long neck, narrow jaws, and long tail. From nose to tail, the animal measures 18 to 19 feet long. It's body is covered in hair-like integument,  except for it's head and feet, which are covered in grey scales. The "fur" is a dark yellowish colour, lighter on the underbelly peppered with dark brown spots, and the tail is decorated with dark brown and white bands. One peculiar feature of the Questing Beast is the feet: only two of it's toes touch the ground, an adaption similar to mammalian cloven hooves.


The Questing Beast is a solitary predator of such animals as rabbits, deer, ground-nesting birds, and fish. The beast is not venomous, but like many other draconomorphs it has septic pathogens in it's saliva, giving it a deadly bite. Questing Beasts communicate with barking and yelping vocalizations similar to a dogs or foxes. Unlike other draconomorphs, Questing Beasts bear live young, and a single female can give birth to a litter of up to 32 pups a year.

Distribution and habitatEdit

The Questing Beast inhabits the forests and woodlands of Albion, usually near a source of water such as a river, or pond.

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