A Plasmalik is a dark, gaseous creature that typically occupies any shadow in it's vicinity, but despite this they can't stay in a shadow for long or they will get permanently fused with their host's shadow. To prevent this a Plasmalik will quickly jump to another shadow extremely fast, so if you see a flicker of movement that seems to be nothing; that's them.

Plasmaliks aren't without hunger, regardless of being gaseous, so if they get hungry they will jump from shadow to shadow to find prey. They are like vampires when they feed; they eat by breathing a mild sedative over their target and then using a scalpel sharp tendril to open a small cut and feed on the blood that leaks out, they prefer to do this while their victim is sleeping so their prey is left in the morning thinking "how did I get this cut?", but they will also do this when the victim is not paying attention. The Plasmaliks are not exactly that dangerous, but there are a few who won't stop at just a small drop of blood, but rather they will wait until their target is completely alone before opening a large gash somewhere and quickly draining a lot of blood, few survive this ravenous act and have their sanity intact.

Indicators of a Plasmalik. Edit

- a brief chill anywhere on your body - a flicker of movement in your field of vision (including peripheral vision) - a small cut appears somewhere on you that you don't recall getting - you get a slight headache and a ringing in your ears

The best action to make if a Plasmalik is nearby is to remain calm, they can't hurt you unless the Plasmalik is ravenous, if that is the case; may god have mercy on your soul.

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