400px-Petsuchos by marvelous miscreant-d53dtpd

The Petsuchos is the name of a type of crocodile from a place called Crocodilopolis in Ancient Egypt. The Petsuchos had horns and was usually adorned with expensive jewelry. Petsuchos was worshiped like a god and many believed that the beast was the manifestation of the Egyptian god Sobek, the crocodile god of creation who sometimes associated himself with chaos. The name Petsuchos means ‘son of Sobek’.

The word pet refers to offspring. The Petsuchos had a sun disk resting on a very beautiful and decorative headdress. It was believed that when it died another was created to take its place. A dead Petsuchos would be mummified in the usual fashion much like Pharaohs and priests.

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