Nesophontid Insectivores are insectivores of the West Indies, presumed extinct since the seventeenth century. Size of a mouse or rat. Long snout.

Fresh bone and tissue samples taken from barn owl pellets in Haiti in 1930 suggest their recent survival. The introduction of rodents and habitat destruction undoubtedly contributed to their demise.

Scientific namesEdit

  • Family Nesophontidae. Known species include the Atalaye nesophontes(Nesophontes hypomicrus), the Greater Cuban nesophontes (N. major), the Haitian nesophontes (N. zamicrus), the Lesser Cuban nesophontes (N. submicrus), the Puerto Rican nesophontes (N. edithae), the St. Michel nesophontes (N. paramicrus), the Slender Cuban nesophontes (N. longirostris), and the Western Cuban nesophontes (N. micrus).

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