Nahuel Huapi Pterosaur is a flying reptile reported from Lago Nahuel Huapí, Neuquén Province, Argentina. In the nineteenth century, two hunters named Milacsek and Shirdos shot a pelican-like bird or reptile with leathery skin that flew away from a cave at Lago Nahuel Huapí, Argentina. Ulrich Dunkel claims the animal was left with the National Museum of Natural History in Santiago, Chile (founded in 1830), but was lost during one of the civil wars that Chile went through (in 1829–1830, 1851, 1859, 1891). Hans Krieg says only the head was retrieved, it was discarded after three days, and it belonged to a Flying steamerduck (Tachyeres patachonicus), though this bird is hardly pelican-like.

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