Missourian Bloodsucker is a creature reported from Columbia, Missouri - November 2000 - 10:30 PM.


A local bow-hunter had recently found 3 deer carcasses completely drained of blood and was out on another night hunting expedition when he again found a dead deer with two bleeding wounds abut 2 inches apart in the neck area. As he began his trek back to the truck he heard a sound in the brush behind him. As he continued to walk, he soon realized that whatever it was it was following him. He turned around to see the brush move on the hillside and he was able to make out a dark shape moving quickly against the snow. The witness turned the flashlight and witnessed a creature about 3 ft tall with dark thick and matted hair. It's face was baboon-like and the eyes were a little larger than those of a human being. The creature ran up the hill as the witness moved rapidly towards his truck. He could make out its shape about 15 yards away from him. The witness fired his bow and thought he had it, but the creature continued to run away. He found no arrow or blood.

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