The Milamo is a giant bird and is one of the many Fearsome Critters that where told by lumberjacks when they were cutting down trees and re-landscaping America during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Since the landscape was largely unexplored many tales came about of strange and weird creature that spooked the men working in the woods. Some stories where truthful, others exaggerated and some apparently made up. This creature, the Milamo was a huge crane that was reportedly so large that it would eat snakes the size of a car’s tyre. It was also known to live on a diet of giant worms that lived in giant wormholes. However the Milamo seems to have difficulty in trying to catch and eat these worms. When it pinches one in its beak and pulls back, the worm holds on tight in its hole and its body stretches like an elastic band. The bird pulls some more and when the worm is really thin it lets go and flies out of its hole like an arrow from a bow and it hits the Milamo bird in the eye. The Milamo loosens its grip in its shock of being hit and the worm dives back into its hole as fast as it came out.

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