Old Yellow Top--Canada's most prominent Marked Hominid

Marked Hominids are yet another type of unknown ape. Found in sub-polar regions in the northern hemisphere, Marked Hominids are found in places like Siberia or Canada, but make infrequent appearances in places like Monroe, Michigan. Their name comes from the fact that they are "markedly different" from Bigfoot. Marked Hominids include Canada's Old Yellow Top and Russia's Mecheny.

Marked Hominids resemble Bigfoot in most ways. However, their coloration is different. Marked Hominids tend to be albino, or have an oddly colored mane of hair, or have a splash of light or pale colors against a darker background.

Marked Hominids are thought to be unknown apes or hominids, adapted to the cold temperatures of the Canadian and Siberian winters.

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