Mamm ecuador

Macas Mammal is an unknown amphibious marsupial or insectivore of Macas, Morona-Santiago Province, Ecuador. Molelike. Length, 14–16inches. White fur, with three broad, brown bands across the back. Elongated, trunk-like snout. No ventral pouch. Webbed feet.

In July 1999, Angel Morant Forés ran across a stuffed specimen in Macas and took several photographs of it . Ecuadorian zoologist Didier Sanchez managed to purchase the specimen in November 1999.

Possible explanationsEdit

  • A Water opossum (Chironectes minimus) considerably altered by a taxidermist, suggested by Didier Sanchez.
  • Undescribed species of long-nosed, aquatic marsupial lacking a pouch.
  • Unknown species of amphibious insectivore, suggested by Karl Shuker .

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