On a chilly October morning in 1975, a hunter by the name of Lowell Adkins stumbled upon the carcasses of four partially devoured turkeys near a farm in Lockridge, Iowa, a small town 60 miles south of Iowa City. Accompanying the carcasses were 10-inch tracks from an unknown animal, later named the Lockridge Monster. The beast gained national attention when farmers Gloria Olsen and Herb Peiffer reported a hairy bear-like animal with a monkey face that prowled their cornfields by night. Some speculated this could be southeast Iowa’s very own Bigfoot, but Ramona Hibner of the South Mountain Research Group, a Florida-based Bigfoot think tank, laid those speculations to rest with her observation that Sasquatch tracks are typically twice the size of the Lockridge Monster prints and that animal slaughter is out-of-character for the vegetarian Bigfoot. To this date, the mystery of what lurks in the fields of Lockridge remains unsolved.

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