Kukuweaq (Qoqogaq) is a ten-legged polar bear from Alaska.


A story tells of one selfish man who kept a walrus to eat in ties of hardship. His neighbour, Kucriak was not so fortunate and had to search hard for food to feed himself and his family. After a long time had passed, the hunter found a hole which was the den of the Kukuweaq. Feeling so hungry, he ventured in the cave for food. He was then attacked by the Kukuweaq and stabbed the beast in the eye with his harpoon. He then ran with fear being chased by the blinded creature. Kucriak ran into a cave where he trapped and killed the pursuing beast. Having done so he returned to the den and brought as much food back to his home as possible. His neighbour with the walrus seeing this felt ashamed and was never selfish again

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