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Karadag Snake – is a relict animal of enormous size, representing one of the dinosaurs, which, according to local residents, living near the Karadag volcano in Crimea, Russia. Since the 18th century documented hundreds of cases of observation of Karadag snake, it is believed, that the activity of the Karadag volcano in the prehistoric era helped to keep the water around it warmer, than the rest of the Black Sea, because of this near Karadag volcano managed to survive one of the dinosaurs, which now...

There are a lot of legends about "Karadag monster", local residents accuse the monster in the mass death of dolphins and missing people. Thus, in 2011 on the coast between Feodosia and Kerchabout 30 dead dolphins were found.

According to legend, the monster looks like a huge snake with a head of about 50 cm in diameter. Back in the 90's people said that many of dead dolphins had traces of 16 teeth. The first reminder of the monster dates back to the XVI century, but then the serpent was land one, he attacked the sheep and sucked their blood. However, scientists often deny the existence of the monster, calling it a legend.

- In the Crimea, alas, dolphins are often killed, mainly by screws from boats, but people have long blamed their deaths on the mysterious monster - said in the museum of local lore.

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