Inugpasugssk is a benign Giant that helps the Inuit people. He aids them in fishing and helps to move their houses. He is so large that the lice on his body are the size of arctic lemmings. He eats whales, fish and seals. He was so well disposed to people after hunting he would do whatever was necessary to help provide food for people. If his gigantic strides into the sea were to cause huge waves that might threaten to swamp a nearby village, Inugpasugssk would physically relocate the village by picking it up and moving it to a safe area. 

There is an interesting story where Inugpasugssk fell in love with a woman. He already had his own wife but he met this normal sized woman who he had a deep connection with. She too was married and the two of them agreed to swap their partners. The woman’s husband went with the Giant’s wife. They had intercourse but the man was so small he entered into the Giant wife and was never seen again. Days later his bones fell out of her. Meanwhile Inugpasugssk had intercourse with his new lover. However he was so big that he split his lover into two pieces. Grieving at his loss, he and his wife decided to adopt the son of the parents they had just killed. The boy grew up to become and over-sized being just like his foster parents. When he was old enough he asked his parents if he could leave to go back to the village where he was born and retrieve a magical token that was rightfully his. His parents agreed but when the boy came to the village the villagers turned him away stating that he was now a Giant and not one of them. 

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