I have been looking at this site and have come across some pretty big issues on this wiki that need to be adjusted. Here is a list of problems I have noticed.

  1. Many articles on this wiki are stubs and thus remain stubs for quite some time. Some articles have been stubs for months even years. members of this wiki should focus more on further developing and expanding these articles to their full capacity BEFORE new articles are added. 
  2. Many articles on this wiki are missing infoboxes and it seems that only the most well known of cryptids have infoboxes. This should be adjusted so that all articles have infoboxes instead of the most important ones.
  3. I have noticed that quite a few articles are written in a way more like a story rather than a report of its subject. It really doesn't fit this wiki's vision of a good article and these articles should be rewritten so that they are more encyclopedic that story-like in structure.
  4. Some articles on this wiki are composed of one massive section rather than being split into sections. This is really problematic if a reader wants to know the appearance or sightings of the creature and they are forced to skim throught the entire article in order to find it. I suggest that these issue articles should be split into the following sections: Appearance/Physical Description, Sightings/History, Theories (if any), and Appearances in Popular Culture.
  5. Though there is not a lot of this going on some articles have the writer's personal opinion added to the article which is both vandalism and completely inappropriate. These such articles should be rewritten in a way so that the author's personal opinion is removed from the body of the article and a rule should be set up so that people that do this are banned for a certain amount of days and if they continue to do this they will be permanently banned from the site.

These are just a few of the many issues that need to be fixed on this wiki. If anyone has any other issues that you want to address then please added them in the comments. ~~~~

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