I-31030919da4e383ce2968d4fb83fcf13-Hook Island composite

The Hook Island Sea Monster, also known as the Tadpole Creature, is the name given to a 30-foot sea monster sighted off the coast of Hook Island. It resembles a giant tadpole, has a gaping mouth with no teeth and eyes placed on top of it's head.

The Sighting Edit

The monster was sighted by Robert Le Serrec and his family in 1964 when it moved towards his ship with it's mouth open as if to attack. He spotted its tail was injured, probably by a ship's propeller or by a larger creature. Just as it seemed it would swallow the ship, it swam away. Le Serrec managed to take a few shots before it swam away, never to be seen again.

Unfortutely, this particular sea serpent was proven to be a hoax, created with a piece of plastic or cloth

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