The Hinqumemen is a monster that dwells in the waters of British Columbia. Its name means ‘Engulfer’. The Hinqumemen was compiled of only water and appeared as a lake to ambush its victims. It had a mind and was able to move lifting itself from the hole in the ground and move to another whole in the ground to fill it with its watery body to pose as another lake. When anyone came to the lake to fill their buckets to carry home, the monster would silently stalk their victims.

Then in a mad rush it would rapidly pursue its human victims, engulfing them and then returning as a lake to drown them. Tales of the Hinqumemen came from the Coeur d'Alene Native American people of British Columbia in Canada. One particular lake in the area of the tribe is known as Engulfer and is believed to be the main habitat of the Hinqumemen. Consequently this lake is avoided at all costs.

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