The infamous Helltown is located at Boston Township, Summit County, Ohio. The eerie area is known for being populated by sadistic satanists, serial killers, ghosts, and mutants. The town has mostly been abandoned by mainstream civilization which explains all the abandoned buildings and cathedrals. Most people believe that a curse was placed on the area.

Supposedly back in the early 1980's, there had been significant chemical spills around the area that the government wants to keep a secret. Ever since then there have been mutated and deformed animals running around. Supposedly there's a mutated giant viper snake around the place that's known for a large body count.

The local Boston cemetery is supposedly haunted with a desolate ghost that does nothing but sit on the bench and stare with a blank and emotionless expression. And there's rumors that the trees move around as if they're possessed. Many people believe that is one of the many works of the satanic cult that casts demonic spells around the domain.

Legend also says that a children's school bus broke down in area and a group of satanic serial killers went in a brutally slaughtered the bus driver and the numerous kids riding. Now many people often hear their disturbing and ghostly screams of the children's spirits as if they are stuck in limbo with being murdered.

There is even a church that is supposedly guarded by an "evil man" who lives in the basement. He never shows his face to a typical person. He often hosts ceremonies with devil worshipers that own the place. And supposedly there's always burning candles that can be seen even at night and it's polluted with upside down crosses.

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