Hapyxelor of muskrat lake sweatshirt (1)

Hapyxelor or Hapaxelor is a freshwater monster said to living in Muskrat Lake, near Cobden, Ontario, Canada. Name given by Donald Humphreys because it “popped into his head” when he saw the creature in 1968. Length, 14–24 feet. Silvery- green or dark-brown color. Head like an alligator’s.  Crest or mane. Three bright eyes. Three ears. One big tooth. Slender neck. Two humps. One big fin. Two flippers.

Significant sighting Edit

A. W. Peever saw an animal the size of a horse crossing the lake in 1941.

In the spring of 1968, Donald Humphreys saw a silver-green animal, 24 feet long (later revised to 14–16 feet long), at the southern end of the lake. It had a large head with one tooth and a pair of front flippers.

Sonar tracings on an Eagle Z-5000 “fishfinder” portable device, taken by Michael Bradley on October 5, 1988, showed two 8- to 10-foot objects swimming side by side and heading toward the surface from a depth of 54 feet.

Possible explanations Edit

  • A stray seal.
  • A Lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens), though none are officially known to live in Muskrat Lake.

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