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Guyascutus is a Fearsome Critter of the lumberjack stories of North America. Sometimes it was described as a deer with rabbit ears and fangs while it has also been described as a kind of giant lizard. The Guyascutus is characterized as having some legs shorter than the other which gives it the ability to walk easily on hilly and rocky terrain. It also swung from the trees with a powerful tail. It was once a part of a wild animal show in a circus. Many people paid to see it but the circus entertainers warned that it had escaped. People fled in fear and the entertainers were able to profit from all their takings. Another tells of a farmer who was able to breed the beast with his sheep producing a pet that easily walked the hilly farms but was slow on flat roads.

The Guyascutus was a popular creature amongst the early Americans and as a consequence the Guyascutus has many many names. The other names are: Cutercurse, Cuter-Cuss, Godphro, Godaphro, Sidehill Gouger, Guyanoosa, Gwinter, Hunkus, Lunkus, Mountain Stem-Winder, Prock, Prock Gwinter, Sidehill-Dodger, Sidehill-Ganger, Rickaboo Racker, Rockabore, Sawger, Sideswipe and Sidewinder.

There is another mythical creature known as the Guyascutus that is more fearsome that the one mentioned above. The other Guyascutus is a Royal Ringtailed creature that tend to chase humans.

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