Funeral Mountain Terrashot (Funericorpus displosissimum) is a bizarre creature from lumberjack folklore of North America in 19th and early 20th centuries. It has a casket shaped shell and 6–8ft in length, it also has long and wobbly legs, causing the terrashot to sway uncertainly from side to side and forward and backward as it travels along.

The strange beast was first reported by some Mormon emigrants, who observed a peculiar procession entering the desert from a certain mountain range, afterward named the Funeral Mountains. It is said that the creature lived in little meadows and parks in the higher portions of the range, where it gradually increased in numbers, until by a strange impulse it is seized by a desire to migrate. Then they go on a disastrous journey across the desert walking in single line. None will ever survive the journey as they cannot take the heat of the sun. Eventually they fall over and explode due to the intense heat leaving deep, grave-shaped holes in the sand.

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