Chagljevi is a little beasts sighted in Montenegro, that live on hills by the sea.. People are saying that chagljevi are small, dog-like beasts (almost like puppies), and you can see them only at night. Those beasts are afraid of men, and when you see them, they run away fast. It may be that the answer for chagljevi is a species of canine Canis aereus, a jackal, which is smaller then the gray wolf (Canis lupus).

This species is very skittish and active 70-80% by night. Maybe chagljevi aren't C. aureus at all, though, because nocturnal puppy-like beasts aren't a good description for C. aureus. Dog-like Animals A man, Radomir Djurakic, told me that 5-6 years before (1994-1997) a pair (male and female) of strange animals were killed near the village Slatina. Those animals were drinking blood from chickens and domestic animals for some time. Those beasts were a little bigger then a pit bull dog. Form of animals was: short and strong legs, long snout, colour of skin was various (with different colors) and the beasts didn't have a tail. This is identical with a beast from Mala Kopasnica near Leskovac, but between Leskovac and Cacak are about 300 km and a number of big mountains. Is there a population of this beast? I think that it may be a wild unknown predator of the high mountains. Maybe a bombardment of the mountains activated them so they are now invading the lowlands.

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