The Camahueto is known as The Unicorn prodigious. This fabulous animal has a shiny coat, short and leaden looks like a vigorous calf and its most precious ornament is a golden horn that grows on the forehead. 
This mythical creature is something special. His birth took place in the depths of the earth and in some cases, on top of a hill near the sea. Then it is found in the lakes or rivers muddy and later, when it reaches its development, on the twentieth or twenty-five years, migrates its way with its powerful horn which will make a huge trench in the earth in its journey towards the sea, where dwell forever. Destroy everything in its path causing great damage to property and sembradíos. Hace appeared on full moon nights. Emerging from a river or a lake, its coveted horn shine like gold in the light of the moon. Seek him with ambition, because this animal is credited with healing powers, witches being macho and the only ones who can give chase. To do so use a rope made of seaweed and they will succeed only on land, but never at sea. To capture and be holders of the horn, warlocks and Machis enjoy unlimited power to use the powers of the scrape of it as beneficial or malevolent. Camahueto is said, the sea is very powerful and large vessels rammed and makes them disappear into the depths with all hands. At cortársele his horn with a machete (in the hands of a gun or warlock), the mythical animal is transformed into a meek and docile calf and stop damage to farmers. Who encounter a Camahueto and is slightly injured by his horn, will, insurance, health and much luck for life.

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