Brazilian Chupacabra is a beast reported from Capivari, Sao Paolo, Brazil - January 1995 - 2:00 am.


During a rash of strange animal mutilations in a farm area, a group of farmers decided to arm themselves and mount night watch for the supposed predators. The first night several of the men where on guard duty in a makeshift wooden shack when all of the sudden there was a tremendous uproar among the animals in some nearby pens. Soon after that the men began hearing heavy footfalls and heavy breathing around the shack as if some type of creature was circling the building. At one point whoever it was attempted to push the door open and flung itself against the door. Gathering up enough courage some of the men looked out the window and saw a bizarre creature standing about 30 meters away holding itself up against a tree. It was described as about 1.80 meters in height and covered entirely in black hair.

When the creature noticed that it was being watched it suddenly ran towards the shack on four legs, and violently flung itself against the door. The creature then fled into the woods emitting a very loud scream. Later on several men noticed what appeared to be several vultures circling a certain area of the woods. Upon investigating the reason why these birds were circling the area they were stunned to discover the carcass of a totally unknown hairless creature. Around the thorax area it had what appeared to be three holes from what appeared to have been a heavy caliber weapon. The body also appeared to have several blunt traumas. Upon turning the body over they discovered that the vegetation around it was browned as if exposed to very high heat. Apparently the creature was left in the same spot by the men and is unknown what became of it.

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