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Of all the folklore creatures that West Virginia is said to boast, the Bloodless Howler is one of the most bizarre. There have allegedly been sightings of this beast since 1929. It is said to have the head of a big cat and the body of a dog and to regard Harrison County as a congenial habitat.  Legend says it weighs 400 pounds. You will shoot at it in vain, because it is bullet proof.  Its victims have no blood around them, as it drinks the blood, which is how it obtained its name. It is good at digging, as it escaped a trap that was almost inescapable.

The combination of feline and canine characteristics would seem to rule it out as far as zoology goes, but my guess is that, if the beast indeed exists, it has features which resemble, but are necessarily, such characteristics. The bullet proof attribute may simply mean that hunters have shot at it, thought they had hit it and hadn't. However, we must not forget that we are dealing with West Virginia here, a state that some have argued is a "window area" where mysterious things can enter our world from other dimensions, so we should be chary about ruling things out.

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