Blood Farmers are the name given to a group of cannibalistic near humans that harvest other people for consumption. They are known to inhabit the swamps and bayous of Louisiana and the southern states especially. Several theories exists about why they cultivate humans for their primary food source. Many believe that they were indeed people once just like you and I, and that they lived in areas with no food source. They turned to cannibalism out of desperation. They might have begun by only eating their dead, but soon began to seek victims. Through years and generations of consuming human flesh, (and from probable inbreeding), they have mutated. They are very grotesque, sporting a large array of birth defects. Fans of horror movies may recognize this concept from the movie "Wrong Turn" (2003, Constantine film). They are fairly similar to Melonheads. The primary way for Blood farmers to get their food is one of two ways, "Farming" or "Hunting". "Farming" is where victims are captured and held, being fattened up. After they are fat enough they are slaughtered. Although this process yields well, it is time consuming. that's probably why "hunting" seems to be more popular. Hunting is when they actively pursue their victims, eventually killing them and then consuming them. No part of the corpse is wasted. even the entrails are eaten or used as fodder for their other victims. They have been known to hunt a party traveling a backwoods road, attack their car and kill most of them on sight. A few, however, will be brought back to the compound and fattened. They have been known to like a pretty face and may keep a pretty female for other reasons besides food. These unfortunates are usually inducted into the culture of the blood farmers eventually, but may still retain some bit of humanity left in them and may try to help other victims escape. If, that is, they're not crazy. Overconsumption of human flesh by other humans (especially those that aren't accustomed to it), results in birth defects, and insanity (which explains the blood farmers reported cackling and whooping). our flesh contains Prions and these drive people into a state that leads to what is known by some african tribes who still practice ritualistic cannibalism as "the Laughing death".

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