The Batsquatch is thought to live in the shadows of Washington's Mt. Saint Helens and is reported to be a species of purple skinned, nocturnal primate, which allegedly has pterodactyl like wings, blood red eyes, and a head that resembles the combination of a simian and a large bat, hence the name, Batsquatch.

Although never directly linked with its earth bound cousin, sasquatch, the more ape like aspects of this animal have lead some investigators to conclude that the creature may in fact be a split in the evolutionary tract from which both humans and other hominids evolved. Other researchers have contended that these animals may not be flying primates at all, but a large, and unknown species of North American fruit bat, having said that, Batsquatch has been known to display a decidedly carnivorous disposition which is not a known trait of any fruit bat. Numerous chicken, goat, hog and cow disappearances in the region have been blamed on the mysterious Batsquatch, although there has been no evidence linking the creature to this phenomenon.

Some investigators, not sold on the existence of Batsquatch, have pointed out the similarities between this strange creature and other crypids such as El Chupacabra and the Jersey Devil, noting that sightings of the Batsquatch maybe nothing more than the misidentification of an already known, unknown species.

It is easy to see why some may have such a hard time believing in the creature, mainly because there has been only one documented sighting of the Batsquatch. This sighting was reported in 1994 by Washington mountaineer Butch Whittaker while preparing for a climb. Whittaker claimed to have spotted the creature in broad daylight as it flew over near the mountain, he even reportedly managed to snap several photos of the animal before it disappeared. These photos, which do not seem to be posted on the internet and possibly never existed at all, have been the center of some debate but would need to be located and studied before anything further could be learned. Regardless of the photographs, investigators remain intrigued by the possibility that North America could support an unknown population of large, winged primates.

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