Au Angi-Angi is a large lizard of Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea. Length, 20 feet. Width, 6 feet. Brown and green, crocodile-like skin. Cowlike head. Large eyes. Long, sharp teeth. Long neck. Two small forelegs. Large, triangu-lar scoops on the back. Thick hind legs. Long, slender tail. Amphibious. Bipedal. Said to act aggressively with fishing boats.

Significant sightingEdit

A dinosaur-like reptile was spotted by two groups of people near Boboa, Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea, De-cember 11–12, 1999. Reports of smaller, arboreal lizards in the same area may refer to the Croco-dile monitor (Varanus salvadorii).

Possible explanationEdit

  • Exaggerations or hoaxes based on pictures of dinosaurs

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