A Bao A Qu is a creature described in an erudite work on Malay witchcraft by Ituvuru (1937). It commences as an invisible, almost benign entity that lies menacingly yet impotently at the base of a pilgrim tower where it has existed for centuries.

It is described as having numerous tentacles and skin that feels like a peach. It is a curious creature that at the approach of a pilgrim to the bottom step of the tower is sensitized and draws life as it moves alongside the unwary pilgrim step by step. As the pilgrim climbs the A Bao A Qu becomes more and more visible, changing colors like a chameleon until it emits an iridescent bluish glow close behind the unsuspecting visitor. However, this creature can only become absolutely complete only when a perfect victim is followed, and since all who have attempted to climb the tower so far have been imperfect pilgrims seeking the way, they inevitably return without accomplishing their fulfillment.

As the pilgrim turns to descend, the A Bao A Qu emits a groan and fades with each level of descent to the bottom, where it must await the next pilgrim to attempt the tower.

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